Filament Cleaning 1.75mm eSUN Tool for FDM 3D Printers Filament Change

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This stuff is a must have!

I am constantly changing between PLA, PLA+, and PETG.
I couldn't change a filament type without my nozzle blocking shortly thereafter.
It became common practice to swap to a new/clean nozzle with each filament change.
Then I had to re-calibrate the bed height, etc. It was a pain.

I bought this stuff just to see if it would save me some time and aggravation and it truly has been one of the best purchases I have ever made for my printer.

This cleaning filament has saved me many headaches, and a fair amount of cash because my nozzle replacement costs went to basically zero.

But it, you won't regret it.@


I bought this to do cold pulls on my Prusa i3 MK2S, and it works great for that. Really hard to oversell how important the color is for determining if your pull was clean or not, and how well this stuff pulls junk out of your extruder.

Also, not entirely sure who deserves credit for this, but my order included a free sample of red PLA+ filament. I would guess INTSERVO does that because I've never gotten one with any of my other eSun filament purchases, but it was such a nice touch on the custom service end. Not sure if they always do that, but, it endeared me to want to purchase their stuff in the future.@


What is this made out of, ground up unicorn horns? It's kept my DaVinci 1.0 running for longer than any other cleaning method has. I'm incredible pleased with the results I've been getting. I run this through after every few prints, and it keeps my quality up and extruder clean.@


This works really really well.@


It's cleaning filament and it seems to do what I need it to do. I used it after every filament change and especially ones where I the filament must print at a temperature way different then the one before it. If there is residue of the previous filament running at unsupported temperatures, that is where you can pick up some clogs.@

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